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IT Cloud is the leading service provider for companies across business sectors. If you are aiming to scale faster, optimize your investments and reach your goals, IT Cloud is your best choice. Our connections are our greatest asset.
Through our partnerships, people, services, and delivery, we will help you optimize and improve the performance of your IT environment.

We combine our expertise with the world’s leading technologies- across applications, data, and security- to deliver end-to-end solutions.
We assist you in meeting your business goals by keeping you up to date, up-to-speed and fully informed through our collaborative experienced team.

We have clients in public and private divisions from wide variety of sectors such as Governmental, Medical, Banking, Educational and many more

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Our Services

Data Analytics, Content and IT Managed Services

We design and custom build Scalable, Secure and Efficient Data Center environments with optimized resource utilization. We also provide migration and system upgrade services. 

Data Center

We design and custom build Scalable, Secure and Efficient Data Center environments with optimized resource utilization.

Cloud Solutions

Build, Manage, Migrate and Maintain the cloud-based application in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Streamline operations.


Create the right virtual machine for your Windows or Linux operating system-based workload. Deploy your own Windows or Linux VM images


Safeguard your business technology and data assets, ensuring that your business operations are protected and always available.

Software and Storage

We provide services that go beyond software and storage. We work with our clients to develop policies, implement them.


Networking & Solutions can help you streamline your systems to improve business performance. Services provided are equipped.

IPTV Services

At IT Cloud, we're not just about cutting-edge IT solutions; we're also your gateway to a world of immersive entertainment with our premium IPTV services.

Edge Computing

At IT Cloud, we are at the forefront of innovation, and our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions extends to the exciting realm of Edge Computing.

Web Development Services

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive website development services that

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Endpoint Security

Endpoint security will prevent your devices from accessing malicious networks that may be a threat to your organization.

Cloud Security

Cloud security refers to the technologies, policies, controls, and services that protect the data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud from threats.

Email Security

Email security uses technology to inspect incoming emails for malicious threats and encrypt--or secure--outbound email traffic to protect mailboxes, data, users, and organizations from cybersecurity attacks and schemes.


Protect application secrets and cryptographic keys. Leverage easily integrated tools that won’t disrupt your roadmap. Code Obfuscation. On-Prem or Cloud.

Network Security

Protection against known, unknown, and undisclosed threats.

Enterprise Security

Solutions & Services to Predict, Prevent, Detect & Respond to Cyberattacks.

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